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Featured Article

A Carotid Body Tumor Mimicking a Thyroid Nodule
Paragangliomas (PGLs) are neuroendocrine tumors arising from the extra-adrenal chromaffin tissue of the autonomic nervous system. They are most frequently found in the head and neck, mainly associated with the carotid body, vagus nerve, jugulotympanic paraganglia, and occasionaly, the superior-inferior paraganglia. Paragangliomas are rarely encountered in thyroid as well, and thyroid paragangliomas can be misinterpreted as medullary thyroid carcinomas. However, cases of paragangliomas mimicking thyroid nodules were also reported in literature rarely. Full Text

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Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome in a Woman With Behcet’s Disease: Case Report
Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome (PRES) is an entity characterized by the presence of variable neurological symptoms and reversible edema typically affecting the posterior white matter on brain MRI studies. It has been described in association with autoimmune diseases and with the use of chemotherapy and immunosuppressive drugs. We report a case of a 58-year-old woman with Behcet’s disease treated with methotrexate, adalimumab and low-dose prednisone who presented with sudden bilateral visual loss, together with radiological findings and clinical course suggesting PRES. Full Text

Current Issue

Vol. 5, No. 4, Apr 2014

Table of Contents

Case Reports

Lead Intoxication Treated With D-Penicillamine Abstract HTML PDF
Yuka Iijima, Nobuhiro Akuzawa, Takashi Hatori, Kunihiko Imai, Yonosuke Kitahara, Masahiko Kurabayashi 187-193
Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia in an Adult Presenting With Ileus: A Case Report Abstract HTML PDF
Ilhan Paltaci, Muhyittin Temiz, Aydin Kaplan, Ugras Daban, Erhan Kizilkaya 194-196
Parsonage-Turner Syndrome Initially Suspected of Being Orthopedic Diseases in a Primary Care Setting: A Case Report Abstract HTML PDF
Hiroki Yabe, Machiko Kimura, Akira Ishii, Tamami Watanabe, Yoshio Sakiyama, Mieko Otsuka, Hitoshi Sugawara 197-201
A Rare Cause Underlying Dyspnea: Spontaneous Pneumomediastinum Abstract HTML PDF
Muhammet Gokhan Turtay, Esra Karaman, Hakan Oguzturk, Irfan Bayhan 202-203
Incarcerated Omentum With Tamponade Effect in the Uterine Perforation Scar After Dilation and Curettage: A Case Report Abstract HTML PDF
Myounghwan Kim 204-207
Fatal Pneumothorax Secondary to Duodenal Perforation After Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography Abstract HTML PDF
Muhammad Asim Rana, Mureed Hussain, Sohail Iqbal, Omar E Ramadan, Sameh Ashmawi, Mohammed A T Al-Dabbagh, Mohammed A Cheema, Ahmed F Mady 208-211
Bilateral Laparoscopic Partial Adrenalectomy: A Case Presentation and Review of the Literature Abstract HTML PDF
Sean Satey, Nathan Richards, Fred Brody 212-216
Painful Goiter: A Rare Presentation of Graves’ Disease Abstract HTML PDF
Lakshmi Kannan, Young-Nam Kim 217-219
Breast Cancer Presenting as Sudden Bilateral Hearing Loss: Case Report Abstract HTML PDF
Sandra Geros, Teresa Bernardo, Eugenia Castro, Fernanda Castro, Artur Conde 220-223
A Case of Esophageal Squamous Cell Cancer in an Endoscopically Normal Esophagus Abstract HTML PDF
Ruben Khan, Mohamed Sultan, Fuad Maufa, Nadim Haddad 224-226
Transmission of Hepatitis C Virus From a Mother to a Child Carrying IL28B Heterozygote rs8099917 Among Three Brothers: A Long-Term Follow-Up Abstract HTML PDF
Takafumi Saito, Kei Mizuno, Tomohiro Katsumi, Kyoko Tomita, Chikako Sato, Kazuo Okumoto, Yuko Nishise, Hisayoshi Watanabe, Li Shao, Yoshiyuki Ueno 227-231
Using Sugammadex in a Patient With Friedreich Ataxia: A Case Report Abstract HTML PDF
Cigdem Yildirim Guclu, Baris Adakli, Basak Ceyda Meco, Zekeriyya Alanoglu, Ayse Ceren Altintas, Neslihan Alkis 232-233
Hiccups, Hemolysis, Elevated Liver Enzymes and Low Platelets Syndrome and Hepatic Hematoma Abstract HTML PDF
Anna Torgeson, Nathaniel S Rial, Richard Temple 234-237
Low Back Pain in Patients With Systemic Analgesic Intolerance Managed With Mesotherapy: A Case Report Abstract HTML PDF
Massimo Mammucari, Enrica Maggiori, Sergio Maggiori, Alessandro F. Sabato 238-240
Composite Mantle Cell Lymphoma and “Gray Zone” Lymphoma in Two Different Anatomical Locations Abstract HTML PDF
Angeliki Cheva, Triantafyllia Koletsa, Leonidas Sakkas, Ioannis Kostopoulos 241-244
Proteus Mirabilis Septicemia and Meningitis in a Neonate Abstract HTML PDF
Emma Archibong Omoruyi, Monaliza Evangelista 245-247
Terlipressine Induced Rhabdomyolysis After Orthotopic Liver Transplantation Abstract HTML PDF
Luminita Eid, Yoram G Weiss 248-252
Pigmented Villonodular Synovitis Masquerading as Metastasis on PET Imaging Abstract HTML PDF
Sadia Choudhery, Laurice Fischer, Hythem Omar 253-255
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