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Volume 11, Number 9, September 2020, pages 271-274

Congenital Factor VII Deficiency in Association With Bicuspid Aortic Valve and Multicystic Dysplastic Kidney Disease in a Child


Table 1. Laboratory Results of Our Case
FEU: fibrinogen equivalent units.
Hemoglobin (Hb)15.8 g/dL12.5 - 20.5
Prothrombin time (PT)37.5 s10.3 - 14
Activated prothrombin time (aPTT)35.1 s29 - 40
International normalized ratio (INR)3.90.9 - 1.15
Factor VII level0.070.7 - 1.2
D-dimer0.4 mg/L FEU0.17 - 0.64
Fibrinogen413.9 mg/dL160 - 350


Table 2. Rare Associations With Congenital Factor VII Deficiency in the Literature
Two years [9]FemaleHirschsprung disease
Seven years [13]MaleFactor X deficiency
Twenty-one years [15]FemaleProtein C deficiency and pulmonary artery stenosis
Infant [16]MalePulmonary atresia and hypoplastic right ventricle
Five weeks [17]UnknownLangdon down syndrome, complete endocardial cushion defect, and tetralogy of Fallot
Seventy-eight years [18]FemaleSevere aortic stenosis
Three years [19]UnknownCleft palate
Thirty-two years [20]FemaleAutoimmune hepatitis type II and Grave’s disease
Twenty days [21]MaleChairi malformation
Seven and twelve years (siblings) [22]UnknownHereditary spastic paraplegia
Twenty-five years [23]FemaleJaw deformity
Forty-eight years [24]FemaleNeuroendocrine ampullary tumor
Unknown [25]UnknownKidney stone
Two months [26]FemaleAnterior segment dysgenesis
Forty-one years [27]FemaleMultiple cerebral aneurysms
Two months [28]MaleInguinal hernia
Nine years [29]MalePartial monosomy of 13q and trisomy of 16p