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Volume 7, Number 10, October 2016, pages 441-444

Severe Hypocalcemia After the Administration of Zoledronic Acid for Osteoporotic Fracture


Table 1. Laboratory Profile and Therapy of a Patient With Hypocalcemia After Zoledronic Acid Therapy
D0D1D2D3D4D14D24D453 month5 months
D0 means the day when the patient presented with hypocalcemia and serum calcium was measured at the first time. Ca IV indicates intravenous calcium gluconate therapy, 10 mL at 10%.
Serum levels
  Calcium (Ca) (mg/dL)
  Albumin (g/dL)-
  Corrected Ca (mg/dL)-
  Ionized Ca (mmol/L)-0.46-0.74------
  Phosphorus (mg/dL)
  Creatinine (mg/dL)1.811.721.781.761.812.422.442.082.732.49
  PTH (pg/mL)434.4400.9---40.183.3---
  25(OH)D (ng/mL)-5.8---13.311.1---
  1,25(OH)2D (pg/mL)11.99.4---93.2----
  Magnesium (mEq/L)-1.0---1.5----
  Ca IV++++------
  KH2PO4 IV+---------
  Oral Ca (g/day)
  Oral calcitriol (μg/day)-