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Volume 7, Number 6, June 2016, pages 239-241

Molar Pregnancy and Poor Obstetrics Outcome: Retrospective Evaluation of Six Cases


Table 1. Demographic Features of the Patients
Mean ± SD
SD: standard deviation.
Maternal age (years)31.33 ± 5.33
Gravida3.83 ± 0.75
Parity0.83 ± 0.75
Miscarriage0.50 ± 0.83
Alive0.67 ± 0.50


Table 2. Evaluation of the Patients in Terms of Obstetric Outcome and Hereditary Thrombophilia
Case NumberObstetric historyThrombophilic statusObstetric complication
HM: hydatidiform mole; MMR: motor and mental retardation; N/A: non assessment; MTHFR: methylene tetrahydrofolate reductase; ITP: idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura.
1Miscarriage × 2, partial HMNormalGestational diabetes, placenta previa
2Ectopic pregnancy, history for child with MMR, complete HMN/A-
3Termination of pregnancy due to hydrocephalus, complete HMFactor V Leiden heterozygous, MTHFR 677 heterozygousHistory for preterm birth
4Complete HM, stillbirthNormalStill birth
5Miscarriage, complete HMMTHFR 677 heterozygousPreterm birth, ITP
6Complete HM, miscarriageMTHFR 1298 heterozygousPreterm birth