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Volume 5, Number 8, August 2014, pages 430-434

Bilateral Idiopathic Granulomatous Mastitis: A Case of Noncaseating Granulomas in a Patient With Latent Tuberculosis


Figure 1.
Figure 1. Contrast enhanced MRI sagittal view of the left breast demonstrating diffuse enhancement of the breast parenchyma.
Figure 2.
Figure 2. Contrast enhanced MRI sagittal view of the right breast showing solid and cystic changes with periareolar skin thickening, moderate nipple retraction and cystic lesion close to the skin representing a fistula (arrow).
Figure 3.
Figure 3. Mammogram craniocaudal view following core needle biopsy showing retroareolar granulomatous changes with periareolar skin thickening and nipple retraction. Biopsy clip seen on image.
Figure 4.
Figure 4. Low power (× 10) H&E photomicrograph showing discrete granulomas.
Figure 5.
Figure 5. Photomicrograph H&E specimen showing granulomatous inflammation manifested by lymphocytes, histiocytes and foreign body giant cells (× 40).